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Welcome to Anglesey Primary School! Welcome to our new updated website. We made the changes following consultation with parents. We hope it is easier to navigate and has all of the information you need. Please continue to share your ideas with us.


Whole School Attendance

The schools total attendance is currently at:


Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

If you would like to speak to a member of our staff, please make an appointment and we will be happy to arrange to talk to you at a convenient time.

The Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team 1 Ms S Hughes, Head
The Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs J Powell, Head of School
The Senior Leadership Team 3 Mrs A Green, Deputy Head, KS1 Curriculum
The Senior Leadership Team 4 Mrs J Profeta-Batis, Asst Inclusion Manager, DSL
The Senior Leadership Team 5 Mrs H Grimwood, AHT, Pre school
The Senior Leadership Team 6 Ms L Houston, AHT, KS2 Curriculum
The Senior Leadership Team 7 Mrs S Skinner, AHT, KS2 Curriculum

The Office Staff

The Office Staff 1 Mrs B Dyer, Bursor
The Office Staff 2 Mrs S Browne, School Business Manager
The Office Staff 3 Mrs R Begum, School Admissions
The Office Staff 4 Mrs F Nisar, Receptionist

Nursery Staff

Nursery Staff 1 Mrs D Kaur, Teaching Assistant N2
Nursery Staff 2 Mrs F Yusuf, Teaching Assistant N2
Nursery Staff 3 Mrs H Grimwood, AHT, Nursery Manager
Nursery Staff 4 Miss C Taylor, Teaching Assistant N1
Nursery Staff 5 Mr L Pendry, Teacher N1
Nursery Staff 6 Miss B Kaur, Teaching Assistant N1
Nursery Staff 7

The Reception Team

The Reception Team 1 Mrs K. Chohan, Teaching Assistant RS
The Reception Team 2 Mrs L Smart, Teacher RS
The Reception Team 3 Miss T Hamilton, Teaching Assistant RP
The Reception Team 4 Mrs C Porter, Reception Manager, Teacher RP
The Reception Team 5 Mrs S Karir, Teaching Assistant RK
The Reception Team 6 Mrs R Dhinsay, Teaching Assistant Reception
The Reception Team 7
The Reception Team 8

The Speech and Language team

The Speech and Language team 1 Mrs V Padwagga, Teacher SL1
The Speech and Language team 2 Mrs V Hutton, Teaching Assistant SL2

The Year 1 Team

The Year 1 Team 1 Miss N Kaur, Teacher 1K
The Year 1 Team 2 Miss R Mahmood, Teaching Assistant 1K
The Year 1 Team 3 Mrs N Patterson, Teacher 1P, Year Manager
The Year 1 Team 4 Mrs I Aijaz, Teaching Assistant 1P
The Year 1 Team 5 Mrs R Chowdhury, Teaching Assistant 1P
The Year 1 Team 6 Mrs N Shah, Teaching Assistant 1C
The Year 1 Team 7 Miss A Coleman, Teacher 2C

The Year 2 Team

The Year 2 Team 1 Miss K Da-Costa, Teaching Assistant 2K
The Year 2 Team 2 Miss N Gill, Teacher 2G
The Year 2 Team 3 Miss N Khatun, teaching assistant 2F
The Year 2 Team 4 Miss J Freeman, Teacher 2F

The Year 3 Team

The Year 3 Team 1 Mr S Keeling, Teacher 3K
The Year 3 Team 2 Mrs Hands-Lowden, Teacher 3L
The Year 3 Team 3
The Year 3 Team 4

The Year 4 Team

The Year 4 Team 1 Mrs L Whittall, Year Manager, Teacher 4W
The Year 4 Team 2 Mrs J Alam, Teaching Assistant 4K
The Year 4 Team 3 Mrs N Latif, Teaching Assistant 4G
The Year 4 Team 4 Mrs A Ragbottra, Teaching Assistant 4S

The Year 5 Team

The Year 5 Team 1 Mrs H Hussain, Teaching Assistant 5D
The Year 5 Team 2 Mrs K Cumberbatch, Teacher
The Year 5 Team 3 Ms F Duncan, Teacher 5D
The Year 5 Team 4 Mrs J Kaur, Teaching Assistant 5P
The Year 5 Team 5 Mrs Z Clarke, Teaching Assistant 5M
The Year 5 Team 6 Mrs S Patel, Teacher 5P

The Year 6 Team

The Year 6 Team 1 Mrs N Ali, Teaching Assistant
The Year 6 Team 2 Mrs S Judge, Teaching Assistant
The Year 6 Team 3 Mrs J Rahman, HLTA, Maths specialist
The Year 6 Team 4 Mr M O'Connell, Year 6 manager, Teacher 6O
The Year 6 Team 5 Mr C Bentley, Teacher 6B

The SEN Team

The SEN Team 1 Mrs J Profetta-Batis, Assistant Inclusion Manager
The SEN Team 2 Mrs N Akhtar, HLTA, SEN
The SEN Team 3 Mrs H Akhtar, Teaching Assistant, SEN
The SEN Team 4 Mrs C Allen-Holmes, HLTA, SEN

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mr A Hoq, Teaching Assistant

The PPA Cover Team

The PPA Cover Team 1 Miss P Regan, Teacher,
The PPA Cover Team 2 Mrs G Galloway, EAL Teacher
The PPA Cover Team 3 Mrs C Penn, Teacher, Art
The PPA Cover Team 4 Mrs J Sands,Teacher, Music
The PPA Cover Team 5 Mrs A Johnson, Teacher, Drama & Reading
Picture 1 Mr A Bradley, ICT Technician
Picture 2 Mr K Mather, ICT Technician

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff 1 Celia
Kitchen Staff 2 Sam
Kitchen Staff 3 Michelle

The Dinner Supervisers

The Dinner Supervisers 1
The Dinner Supervisers 2
The Dinner Supervisers 3
The Dinner Supervisers 4
The Dinner Supervisers 5
The Dinner Supervisers 6
The Dinner Supervisers 7
The Dinner Supervisers 8
The Dinner Supervisers 9
The Dinner Supervisers 10
The Dinner Supervisers 11

School Nurse

School Nurse 1 Nicola Keogh


BSS 1 Mr R Harris. BSS
BSS 2 Mr K Brookes, BSS
Welcome To Anglesey Primary School. We have had a great start to the year, thanks to how quickly our children have settled into their new classes.