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Welcome to Anglesey Primary School! Welcome to our new updated website. We made the changes following consultation with parents. We hope it is easier to navigate and has all of the information you need. Please continue to share your ideas with us.


Whole School Attendance

The schools total attendance is currently at:

95.34% Total

School Nurse

Click on the links for more information about FluBusters 2016.



Thousands of people die every winter from illnesses caused by the flu virus. In winter 2016/17, every child in the UK in school years 1, 2 and 3 is entitled to a free flu vaccine.

Having as many children as possible vaccinated not only protects them from illness, it also helps to prevent the spread of virus throughout homes, families and communities.


The immunisation team at Birmingham Community Healthcare is urging parents and carers in Birmingham to complete the consent form issued through your child's school and help your child become a ‘Flu Buster’ this winter. And we’ve produced a short animated film to promote the new vaccine and to encourage parents and carers to give consent for their child(ren) to have it in school. Please help share this by visiting

Picture 1

We welcome Nicola Keogh as our new school nurse. She has already started her health education workshops in the school.

Here are some photographs of Nicola teaching dental hygiene.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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Picture 6

We have a school nurse who works in school every Thursday in term time.

Parents can make confidential appointments with her to discuss any family health issues.




Nabeela has sadly left to work elsewhere, but we will be having a new school nurse from May 9th 2016. The new nurse will be delivering health education and workshops every Monday.


Hawa will still be here for appointments every 2 weeks on a Thursday.

Nabeela Mushtaq

Nabeela Mushtaq 1 Community Staff Nurse with School Nursing Team

Nurse support for November

This month The nurse is doing workshops with parents on coughs and colds.


Nurse Support for September

This month the nurse will be updating care plans.

Can you please let school know if your child has any allergies that you haven't already informed us about.

Welcome back to everyone. We hope you all had a lovely holiday and we wish you all a happy and successful year.