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Science - Earth and Space

Lesson One – Monday 18th January 2021

Hi guys!

We will be learning about Earth and space over the next few weeks in Science. Because today is our first lesson, I would like you all to create a mind map/brainstorm as a record of all the exciting facts you know about Earth and space. Don’t worry if you don’t know many facts just yet – I will be showing you a video to teach you.

First of all, you need to get a piece of paper and two pens in different colours. Making sure your paper is landscape, write “Earth and space” in the middle and draw a circle around it. Around this title, write as many facts as you can about Earth and space. Make sure the facts you already know are written in the same colour! I am giving you 5 minutes to complete this starter task…


… Finished? When you have written facts about Earth and space that you already know, put your pen and paper down to watch this video:

The following video is 3 minutes and 49 seconds.

- you can either click this link for it to take you to the video on YouTube or scroll down and play the first video under my lesson notes called "Earth and Space". They are both the same.


Have you watched the video? Now you will need your other pen – the other coloured one. Add more facts to your brainstorm. These new facts will be in a different colour to show that you’ve learnt them from the video you’ve just watched. I am giving you 10 minutes to do this…


…Finished? Now watch the video again. This time play and pause as many times as you like so that you can add facts to your brainstorm that you may have missed the first time you watched it. I am giving you 15 minutes to complete this…


…Finished? Check your completed brainstorm.

  • Does it make sense?
  • How many facts did you know at the start? (count the first colour)
  • How many more facts did you write down after watching the teaching video? (count the second colour)
  • Do you think you could remember some of them?

Ask an adult or sibling to test you – they could hold your brainstorm and you could try and tell them as many facts as you can remember just from your memory! If there is no one to test you then test yourself. To do this, you can read your brainstorm then hide it. Take another piece of paper and write down as many as you can remember. I am giving you 10 minutes to either ask someone to test you or to test yourself…


…to finish, watch this incredible video. It compares the size of many planets in our solar system and beyond. Some names you will recognise but many you won’t. Don’t worry about this - just enjoy the comparison. I love this sort of video because it shows how small planet Earth is in comparison to some other planets! Enjoy!

The following video is 3 minutes and 4 seconds.

- you can either click this link for it to take you to the video on YouTube or scroll down and play the second video under my lesson notes called "Planets Size Comparison 2018". They are both the same.

Earth and Space - Year 5 Topic

Planets Size Comparison 2018

Comparing all the sizes of planets in our solar system and beyond, in this video we explore the vast scale of some of the planets you may not have heard of. ...

If you click on each of the links below, then they will take you to individual lessons from the Oak National Academy. Each lesson contains videos, activities and a quiz to test your knowledge.
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