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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become , inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


Whole School Attendance

The schools total attendance is currently at:

95.34% Total

Latest News

World Sepsis day


Our Pastoral Director Mrs Davies was interviewed by Free Radio about her personal experiences with Sepsis.  Click on the link below to access the interview.

Shakespeare School Festival

Shakespeare School Festival 1

Reception Class Application 2019

Parents/Carers who have a child born between 01/09/2014-31/08/2015 need to make an application for their child to start RECEPTION CLASS in September 2019 by 15th January 2019.


Please submit your application online at:

Should you have any queries please contact:

School Admissions on 0121 303 1888



KS1 Dance Concert


KS1 held a dance concert for parents today (29/3/18) and raised £103.00 for Sport Relief. 

Anglesey were asked to design this year's Christmas card for Birmingham City Council Education!


Colin Diamond (Corporate Director for Children and Young People) from Birmingham City Council Education has asked Anglesey Primary School to design their Christmas card for this year. Mrs Penn and some of our children have been getting creative for two designs. 

Watch this space to see which one the council choose!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Children In Need Support

Children In Need Support 1

Reception Admissions 2018

Reception Admissions  2018 1

Schools Admissions to Reception

School Admission into Reception and Year 3 in 2018 If you are a parent of a child who is due to start school for the first time in 2018, or transfer from infant to junior school, the process to apply for school places commences on 2 October 17 and closes on 15 January 2018.

All parents who are about to commence this process should first sign up for email updates ‘Primary School Admissions 2018’ at Sign up for email updates.

Preparing to apply:

1. You are encouraged to attend open days at schools you are thinking of applying for. Details of open sessions can be found on the council website. Full details of all schools in your area is provided in the Primary School admissions criteria information.


2. Be realistic about the schools you select. Make sure your child is likely to meet the criteria of each school. In particular, it is important that you live within the “cut off distance” in the school’s information. This is the furthest distance that a child could be offered a place at a school in each of the last three years. Parents are encouraged to carry out their own research using independent websites such as or Parents who selected schools sensibly and applied on time last year had a 94% chance of getting their first or second choice and overall 96.5% received a school place they had listed in their application. 3.5% (533) of parents who were unrealistic with their preferences were not offered a school listed in their preferences.


3. Parents who are offered a school place to start in September 2018 can request that their child attend part time or take the school place later in the year if you think that will benefit your child. See full details below.


4. Parents with children born in the summer can request for their child to be admitted to reception a year later (2019), however, it is still a requirement to apply for the September 2018 year lodging your deferral request. This request will be considered by the local authority and the head teacher of the school concerned. See full details below.


5. If the address on the letter advising you to apply is not your child’s current address, you will need to supply proof of address. 6. Consider how your child will get to school. For further information regarding transport go to the council’s travel assist pages. How to apply: Applications are completed online at 1/Parents resident in Birmingham local authority are required to submit their Reception and Year 3 preferences via the online application form (see link above). Birmingham resident parents must also use this form to apply for schools in other local authorities. 2/ Parents are advised to use all three preferences to ensure you have the highest chance of being allocated a school you are happy for your child to attend. Key stage 1 class sizes are no more than 30 pupils with one teacher and therefore it is important to name more than one school. 3/ Follow the on-screen instructions carefully when completing your preferences. 4/ Select your preferences and save the form without submitting until you are completely satisfied with your selection of schools. You can change your selection of schools up to the closing date of 15 January 2018. Once you have submitted the form you cannot change or amend your preferences. 5/ Please note; some schools require additional information to be provided on Supplementary Information Forms. Check each school’s information for details on this and how where to submit the form. Fraudulent Applications All information provided on the application form must be accurate. We can only accept the address where the child lives for the majority of the week. Any false information provided will be investigated and will result in the withdrawal of your child’s place in the school. Deferring your child’s entry to school Most children start school in September of the school year in which they reach five years of age. However, parents can defer their child’s admission to primary or infant school until later in the school year, but not beyond the beginning of the first school term after the child’s fifth birthday (the time when the child reaches compulsory school age). Parents considering this for their child must apply at the normal time and discuss the date of their child’s admission with the school offered. Parents can also request that their child be admitted on a part-time basis during the year but not beyond the point that they reach compulsory school age. Admission outside the child’s normal age group Parents/carers of premature or summer born children may believe it is in their child’s best interests to be admitted to a reception class a year later than their normal age group. Parents must still make an application for their child’s normal age group by the deadline of 15 January 2018. At the same time, the parent should make their request for their child to be admitted out of their normal age group to the relevant admission authority (Birmingham City Council or the school(s) they want their child to go to, with supporting evidence. This can be indicated in the text box on the online application form – next to each school listed. Admission authorities must make decisions in the best interests of the child, taking into account the parent’s views; information about the child’s academic, social and emotional development; their medical history and the views of a medical professional and whether they have previously been educated out of their normal age group. They will also consider whether the child may have fallen into a lower age group if they had not been born prematurely. They must also take into account the views of the head teacher of the school concerned. Parents will receive the response to their request before the primary national offer day of 16 April 2018 with the reasons for their decision. If the request is agreed, the application for the normal age group will be withdrawn and the parent must make a new application for a place in reception the following year. If the request is refused, the parent must decide whether to accept the offer of a place for the normal age group, or to refuse it and make an in year application for admission to Year 1 for the September following the child’s fifth birthday. Parents have the right to appeal against the refusal of a place at a school for which they have applied but cannot appeal if they are offered a place but not in their preferred age group. For details of school uniform or other support and assistance available – please go directly to the school’s website. Further information will be provided during October, November and December.

Here are the Book Fair competition winners.

Here are the Book Fair competition winners. 1

Our KS1 Balfour Beatty drawing competition winners!


All of the children entered the Balfour Beatty competition and had to draw either a 'house of the future' or a 'dream house'.

Everyone who entered received a prize, but Sarah and her team chose two winners from each class to receive extra special prizes.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

The Queen is 90!

We will be celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's 90th Birthday on Friday June 10th.

We will be having a picnic lunch outside and decorating the playground in red, white and blue.

The picnic sounds great. There will be sandwiches, wraps and rolls, salad, crisps, jelly, ice-cream and strawberries.

Some of the money we spend will be coming out of school fund contributions.


At 2.30, we will be stopping to watch a special live broadcast on the internet, all about the Queen, called 'Happy Birthday, Your Majesty'.

KS1 had a special assembly from the safety officer at Balfour Beatty, who run the building site next to our school.

KS1 had a special assembly from the safety officer at Balfour Beatty, who run the building site next to our school. 1

Book Fair News

Reception and KS1 parents and children visited the Scholastic Book Fair during parents' evening. We sold a huge amount of books and the school now gets 50% of the takings to spend on books for Year groups.  Some children from each Year Group have already chosen their selection. 

Children from years 4 and5 will be performing 'The lion King' musical on Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of March 2016.



Performances for parents will be on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th March 2016.


Tickets will be available after half term.



Parents and carers who have a child born between 1/9/2011 and 31/8/2012 and have NOT made an application for their child to start RECEPTION CLASS in September 2016 need to do so IMMEDIATELY!!!


Final date for applications is FRIDAY 15th JANUARY 2016


If you have not made an application for RECEPTION CLASSES as yet please contact:


Admissions and Appeals on 0121 303 1888

or online at



5M have been involved in raising money for charity with Free The Children campaign. Earlier in the year the children travelled to Wembley Arena for WE day to celebrate their achievements.


During the year 5M have raised an amazing £926.74 for charity! The fund raising still continues and they are hoping to reach the £1000 target before long.


The children have decided to donate the funds to Macmillan Cancer Support, the World Wildlife Fund and to buy 3 or maybe 4 goats for the Free the Children campaign, supporting disadvantaged children across the world.


We are so very proud of all their hard work and commitment. Fantastic work 5M!

Bill came to talk to the children in Reception and KS1 about fire safety.

Bill came to talk to the children in Reception and KS1 about fire safety. 1
Bill came to talk to the children in Reception and KS1 about fire safety. 2

Mrs Galloway's EALs group are using their screenprinting talents to create a piano back for the school halls.

A group of year 5 children visited King Edward VI last week to take part in maths challenges. They were very well behaved and acted as great ambassadors for our school.

Mr Hoq with his latest London Marathon medal. More photos are on our community page.

Mr Hoq with his latest London Marathon medal. More photos are on our community page. 1

The Firehorse Theatre Company came with their performance of 'Sticks and Stones, which was all about anti bullying.

The Iron Man - A Visit from the West End Theatre Company


Children in KS2 have had a visit from a professional dancer from the West End Theatre Company this week. Each class had a short workshop with Sam, the dancer, working on the theme of The Iron Man, a story written by Ted Hughes. The children thoroughly enjoyed the challenge as the photos and video clips below show.


Still image for this video

Free The Children


Class 5M have been involved with 'Free The Children' charity throughout the year. As part of their involvement they were invited to Wembley arena in London to celebrate We Day. The children made an early start as we had to be in London for half past nine in the morning! We listened to inspirational speakers, pop groups, solo singers and dancers. The children behaved as only Anglesey children can - perfectly! Here are some of the photos taken on the day. To find out more about We Day and Free The Children go to their website and get involved!

Performance assembly in KS1 Friday 30th January 2015

KS1 Curriculum Showcase children (19.1.15)

Year 1's Christmas Song Concert for parents

Year 1's Christmas Song Concert for parents 1
Year 1's Christmas Song Concert for parents 2

These children were the first on the KS1 V.I.P. lunchtime table. They have shown lovely manners and politeness.

These children were the first on the KS1 V.I.P. lunchtime table. They have shown lovely manners and politeness. 1

KS1 Curriculum Showcase winners 24.11.14

KS1 curriculum assembly children

KS1 Curriculum Assembly winners (10.11.14)

2SK's Remembrance Assembly (7.11.14)

These children have been chosen by their teachers because they have shown honesty.

Halloween costumes for our assembly and our very own vampire percussion player!

These are the children who have been on the behaviour star this half term and have received a 'Good Citizen' award

KS1 Curriculum Assembly winners 20.10.14

KS1 Curriculum Assembly children 13.10.14

KS1 performance Assembly. The Gingerbread Man and 2L's poem 10/10/14

KS1 Curriculum Assembly

KS1 Curriculum Assembly 29.9.14

Parent's gardening group...

Parent's gardening group... 1
Parent's gardening group... 2

Class 1S performing Dear Zoo and our KS1 recorder group's debut!

Sue came to talk to the children in KS1 about the PDSA

Sue came to talk to the children in KS1 about the PDSA 1
Sue came to talk to the children in KS1 about the PDSA 2

Curriculum Showcase winners KS1 22/9/14

KS1 performance assembly

KS1 performance assembly 1
KS1 performance assembly 2
KS1 performance assembly 3

Catherine and Jacob visited KS1 to talk about guide dogs for the blind.

Catherine and Jacob visited KS1 to talk about guide dogs for the blind. 1
Catherine and Jacob visited KS1 to talk about guide dogs for the blind. 2
Catherine and Jacob visited KS1 to talk about guide dogs for the blind. 3

Curriculum Showcase winners KS1 14.9.14

KS1 Performance assembly 12.9.14

Welcome to Anglesey Primary School...World Book Day is Thursday 5th March. Children can dress up as a character from a class book. Ask your child's teacher if unsure!...Year 2 parents...Thank you for attending the Year 2 SATs meeting today. The information we gave you is in 'Class Pages' 'Year 2'. If there is any further information you need, please speak to the class teacher.